Saturday, 2 April 2016

Why Do Parents Place, One Child, Over Another? (April 2, 2016)

How does
A parent
Place the needs
Of one child
Over the other?

As the chosen child
Is abusive
And manipulative.

A question
I'm asking myself
For the past 30 years.

The irony is
I am
The one
That gets chosen.

It's time
To go shopping
For clothes.

I come out
A decade ago.

Persona non grata.

As if
Having fiction
As reality
Was too much.

They denied this
When confronted
By me.

Like my memories are
A figment of my imagination
That I made up
Of those trips
Over the years.

Yeah right.

And Canada is
The 51st to 61st state
Of the United States.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: During my Thursday meeting, with the social worker (March 31, 2016), the conversation got around, to talking about my relationship, with my mom. To which, I described, as dead, for the past 3 years, at my decision, for emotional and psychological reasons. Given my mom's inability to respect the boundaries that I have set up, as part of my healing process, and her reluctance, to be seen, in public, with me, when we go get together, at a neutral location. As if, neighbours, from 20 years ago, are going to start gossipping about me, and the transitioning journey, I am undertaking. Honestly, I haven't seen these people, since I moved out, for university, in 1990.

Sheesh. Give me, a freaking break.

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