Monday, 25 April 2016

A Pissed Off Consumer (April 25, 2016)

Before you
Are the words
Of a person
Who has lived
With mental illness
For more than 40 years.

In silent suffering.

Been told
At a young age
To suck it
And deal with it
Like a man.

At what point
Does society
Start to respect
My rights?

For I don't write
In the hope
Of seeking
Your meaningless pity.

An expression
Of my anger
Towards a system
That has failed me
On some many levels.

I am giving up
On it.

A system
Taken to
The butcher block
Too often.

To keep healthcare
Cost down.

As long term programs
Are becoming
Like the Dodo bird.


Being replaced
By short
To medium term

These programs
Have long waiting list
To access them.

As Canada's parliament
Gears up
For its internal debate
On assisted death.

Will my wish
Be granted
Allowing me
Should I want it.

To end
My suffering
In a dignified manner.

Like others
Who are enduring
Long term
Debilitating pain.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Many opponents to this propose legislation, are demanding increase programs, for the mental illness, but haven't put forward, who will pay for these new expenditures, as Health Care, is a provincial area of power, under the Canadian constitution that is funding by, the federal government, through transfer payments. Under the currently proposed legislation, I wouldn't qualify, due to my mental illness, even though, a committee has recommended that mentally ill patients, be included, in the group that can apply for assisted death, from a physician.

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