Saturday, 19 March 2016

To Move Beyond (March 18, 2016)


Why can't I
Have the ability
To choose
When and how
I move on.

Having tried
Eight different drugs
Over the past 8 years

Each one
More toxic
Than the previous one
To my body.

Please spare me
All this talk
About suicide
Being a mortal sin
To my soul.

In your eyes
Am already condemned
For being
A trans-lesbian.

I don't believe
In your religion
Or philosophy.

At what point
Have I earn
The right
To be granted release
From my chronic pain?

Isn't 30+ years
Of suffering
For anyone
To receive relief?

I think so.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Am so sick and tired, of having people telling me, try another anti-depressant/anxiety medication, as my body doesn't respond to them, in a positive way. Each new drug that I try, is digging deeper, into the past, of failed drugs that big Pharma and the medical community has pushed on society. At what point, does the medical community admit that their one-size-fits-all treatments doesn't work for everyone.

For the record, I have been suffering from PTSD, since November 1974, when I had my mouth, electrically blown out, and have endured several reconstructive surgeries, to repair it, While, growing up, I have endured decades of abuse (physical, emotional, and psychological), at the hands of my family, so-call friends and transphobic strangers. In some cases, this abuse has resulted, in attempts, to kill me.

For those, who oppose assisted death, where are the programs, to help people, like myself. I can tell you, from personal experience, mental health programs, are the first thing, which are being cut, to save money, by hospitals and provincial governments. To receive any long term psycho-therapy, I have to pay out of my own limit fixed income, for each visit. Sadly, palliative care isn't any better, with limited space and lack of resources, for it.

As for the Catholic Church, I have no time, for an organization that condones paedophiles, within its clergy, despite, what they say, their actions, over the years, have said, otherwise. Beside, why should a church of a religion that I don't follow, dictate how my life is lived or ended.

The following link are to sites, for more information, about deep brain stimulation, Ontario's first assisted death and an announcement of Cardinal Collins opposition, to assisted death:

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