Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Life's Grim Reality (March 6, 2016)


You call us
Mom sis daughter
Lover and friend.

And yet
For too many of us
Our lives are lived
In terror
Of you.

As we face
And physical abuse.

Even if
We wanted to leave
With our children
The system is
Stacked against us.

With limited
To no shelters
Depending on
Our county.

And those shelters
That do exist
Have a 3 month window.

After which
If we haven't found
Our own place
Are forced back
Into Hell.

Too often
Court orders
And peace bonds
Are worthless
As the paper
They're written upon.

With our deaths
Leading off
The local newscast
The following morning.

I beg you.

Treat every day
It's International Woman Day.

And not
Once a year.

In advocating
For real change
And equality.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note:  As the result of possible budget cuts, Toronto, almost lost one of its emergency family shelter, due to political partisanship. And yes, I have been part of the shelter system, in Toronto, instead of, choosing to move in, with my mom, after losing my apartment, in May 2007. As I faced the possibility of living, with my abusive brother.

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