Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Burning Of The Soul (March 11, 2016)


I saw
What I could be
If I let my anger
Take me.

And it
Scares me
Big time.

To think
Within myself
The destructive energy

To consume me
If I let it.

By expressing it
As external energy
Rather than
Like I do.

That burns like
A hot red poker taken
From the forge
Of ire
And applied
To the soul.

Burning the flesh

Nothing remains
But scar tissue.

I refuse
To let happen
By not walking
This path of Death.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Last Friday (March 11, 2016), I attend, the first meeting of my Male to Female support group, in over 2 years, at the 519 (a community centre that supports the LGBT+ community, in the greater Toronto area, located, in the heart of Toronto's Gay Village). During the meeting, I found myself, exposing the raw pain and anger, I have within myself, normally, have suppressed. It wasn't a pretty sight, to see.

As I refuse to let, either, my mother, or my brother, get away Scott-free, from the emotional and physical pain, they have caused, over the years.

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