Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Untitled (January 25, 2016)


Feel like
The general
That's about
To sign
Terms of surrender papers.

As I face
The real possibility
Of having to start
On February 5th.

A fact
My doctor shared
During my appointment
This morning.

Should my A1C
Come back
Extremely high
Like last September test
At 10.

People tell me
Not to sorry.

They don't have
To stab themselves
With a needle
On a daily basis.

Or have
An extreme phobia
To needles.

Using a lancet
To prick myself
Fills my soul
With a paralyzing anxiety.

Needing a year
Able to do it

This is
One birthday present
I dread
To receive.

Even if
It comes
Three days later.

And people wonder
Why I don't celebrate
My birthday.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: In September 2007, two months, after leaving the homeless shelter, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Sadly, last year, as I struggled, with my mental health, I went off, all of my medications (for HRT and diabetes), for least four months. Am, now, paying the price, for doing so.

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