Friday, 15 January 2016

No Thanks, I'm Vegetarian (January 10, 2016)
Don't understand
Why people are
So surprised
At my rejection
Of their holiday meal.

There is little
To none
I will eat
Of the meal.

Due to
And medical reasons.

Smell of cooking meat
Is enough
To make me

Must admit
To indulging
In the odd craving
Of fish and chips.

So sue me.

Am Type II diabetic
(Thanks mom
For this genetic inheritance).

Forcing me
To be
Very selective
On my dinner plate.

Traditional veggies served
At high holiday feasts
Contain high sugars
And starches.

A fact
I don't need reminding
As I try keep myself
From needing
To injection Insulin shots.

Never mind
My anxiety levels
Max out
In crowded
And noisy situations.

My need for quiet space.

Am facing
A nasty panic attack.

I thank you.

In all fairness
Have to say
To your generous offer.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: Not sure, what triggered this mental discussion, which resulted, in the poem, before you. But I had to get these thoughts out, before they drove me, nuts. Every high holiday feast, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, my building has a get-together, for the tenants, put on, by the staff, here, which I have politely declined.

For Christmas, last year, a food bank that I visit, when times are tight, was giving away tickets, for a free Christmas dinner, which I declined, disappointing another tenant, from my building, who wanted me, to accompany her, to it.


I can't win, for losing.

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