Saturday, 9 January 2016

Lucky Star (January 2, 2016)

An origami paper star

Oh Star
On my blackest night
You shine
Like the brightest light
In the Heavens.

As you lay
Upon my lap
Your black fur
With my tears.

The love and gentleness
I have shared.

Your arrival
Four years ago.

As a rescued kitten
Who had been
Physically abused
And tossed aside.

Even now
You follow me
Around the apartment.

Like a lost soul
Seeking a place
To call
Your home.

Whether or not
You realize it

You have
A place
To call

In my heart
That cold November night
In 2011.

Move over
And share my bed
With me.
Therisa © 2016

Photo of Star, as a kitten

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