Monday, 25 January 2016

Just The Way, It Is (January 23, 2016)

My name is

Does this
Bother you?

As you say:


As if
It was
The most vilest
Curse word
You know.

Correct me
If I'm wrong.

But didn't
Your religious belief
Teach you.

To treat others
As you want them
To treated you?

At a food/clothing bank
For disadvantaged "women"
And families?

I write this
Not to embarrass you.

Trying to understand
Why you harbour
Such ill will
Towards me.

I wish
It was possible.

For you
To experience
The "Hells"
I have travelled

Just to reach
This stage
Of my life.

Attempting to
This genetic mistake.

Of being born
In the wrong gendered

Is this
Too much?

For compassion
And a helping hand
A fellow human being.

For some
It is.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: On January 19th, I walked up, to a nearby food/clothing bank, ran by, a local Christian organization, in Toronto. For the first time, in 13 months, I was made to feel like, I didn't belong there, by one particular volunteer, there. Guess, I shouldn't be surprised, given my past experienced, with "religious" people and their gross intolerance, towards those, who challenge their perception of "what is right and wrong". In their quoting verses, from the Talmud and the New Testament, at me, saying my soul is, eternally damned, for being a trans-lesbian.

I didn't feel right, in challenge this person, outright, rather tried to pass it, by saying, I'm transitioning, which is true. Maybe, the next time, if I see her, I will ask, if we can go to a separate room, and try to enlighten her, about her rudeness and ignorance. If she is willing, to keep an open mind, while we talk.

For the record, I'm not, a practicing Jew, Christian, or Muslim. Rather, find myself, leaning towards Animism, which some "People of the Book" would view me, as being Pagan.  Never mind, I was forced by my mom, to attend various Protestant churches, until my mid-teens, when I said, "enough". Never have felt comfortable, in any of these churches. In fact, one church made me feel, like I was walking over the graves of dead.

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