Friday, 15 January 2016

Fortress Europa (January 9, 2016)
By land or sea
They come
In seeking
The "Promise Land".

Like the Jews
Being led
By Aaron.

Heading north
And west
At great peril
And cost.

In money
And lives lost.

To find
A desolate land
Filled with hate
And fear.

As spools
After spools
Of razor wire
Is strung
Across the land.

Bringing back
Darker memories
Of a deadlier time.

An "iron curtain" draped
Across Europe.

In turning
A relative "peaceful" continent
Into an armed camp
With twitchy fingers
On triggers.

As the dead bodies
Wash ashore
In the Mediterranean
And Aegean Seas.

Therisa © 2016

Author's notes: As a Canadian, from the safe haven, of my apartment, living afar, from the developing situation, in Europe, it's so easy, for me, to critique, the actions of the various European nations have taken, in regards, to the flood of African and Asian immigrants and refugees, over the past 5 years. Especially, after extreme violence that has gripped France, Belgium and to, a lesser degree, Germany, over the past year.

As Politicians and right wing extremists have been quick, to blame IS and thus, by extension, the growing Muslim population, who are, the grandchildren and great grandchildren, of migrant workers and refugees, who fled colonial wars, during the 1960s. Have grown frustrated, with the current political and economic system that offers no hope of improvement, by turning to alternative solutions, like extreme Islamic beliefs. This political backlash is fuelling, the growing feeling of xenophobia and isolationism, among these "native" populations.

I realize, there are no quick solutions, this growing unrest, but it's time, for politicians to act, and take decisive action, for the current system has shown itself, to be flawed, and in serious need of overhaul, if Europe wants to avoid the racial riots, like the United States did, during the 1960s. A plan, which meet the needs, of each individual country and not patchwork affair, which only covers up, the gaping holes of European society. Important ideas that have worked, in Canada, but doesn't take into account, the historical problems of decolonialization and dealing with a multicultural society of today.

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